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Welcome to Pump Cloud!

Thank you for choosing services from Pump Inc.

We set up this IP renew/reassign policy to provide stable, continuous and convenient services to you.

By using our services, you are agreeing to these terms. Please read them carefully.

Following terms only affected to HK and MO zone, static IP address instance.

IP Address Renew & Reassign

You can request renew IP for following billing cycle instances for free, with cooling down for 60 days without IP Protection Service. 

  • Quarterly
  • Semi-Annually
  • Annually

During cooling down time, we won't accept another payment regards IP renew.

If you place a Fixed IP plan with IP Protection Service, you will be able to request for reassign your servers' primary IP 3 times in a month.

You can request an additional IP for your instance with $10 USD per month if your instance's billing cycle is monthly.

Renewed & Reassigned IP is blocked

If your IP was blocked after we assign a new IP for your instance, we can reassign a new one for that specific instance.
Your request MUST be submitted in 24 hours after we reassign IP for you. Otherwise, we will ignore the related follow-up request.

Removal of Additional IP Address

Remove assigned additional IP address MUST match the following criteria at least reached the next due date:

  • IP is not blocked by any ISP (especially Chinese ISPs).
  • IP is available for ICMP(except anti-DDoS plans), UDP, and TCP use in Mainland China.
  • IP is not listed in any spam blacklist (not just email blacklist).
  • IP is not abused before.
  • IP is not stolen.

If your request matched all the criteria mentioned above, we can process your removal request in 2 business day.
The additional IP cost of the order will be removed on next billing cycle.

Last Update : 2019/11/27

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